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The outer surface of the collection of Scruffs Wilton Pet Carrier is made by using quilted fabric stitched in diamond like design. Its interior has been lined with lush fur to give a luxurious look and comfortable and warm feel to your pet. This pet carrier bag is provided with Scruffs branded zip and logo to ensure its quality and long life. Other facilities provided in this pet carrier may include adjustable straps to carry it on your shoulder as well as a foldable bowl for water that can be used to provide water to your pet while on long ride.


  • The outer of Scruffs Wilton Pet Carrier is made from black coloured fabric to make it attractive and suitable for every environment.
  • Its outer is stitched in a diamond pattern on quilted fabric to improve its luxurious looks
  • It is lined with rich fur to make it more comfortable, warmer and luxurious.
  • It has been provided a soft feel finish
  • It includes adjustable straps for carrying it on your shoulder along with a fold out bowl ideal for your pet to drink water during long route travelling
  • Its dimensions include 38 cm x 24 cm x 20 cm to provide enough space for your cute and small pets


  • The outer base of Scruffs Wilton Pet Carrier is made of non-slip material to place it stable at any surface
  • It has removable inner base to make it easier to clean, when required.
  • It can be washed easily in washing machine in the hot water up to 30 degree C
  • It is suitable for small species of dogs like Chihuahua, Cockapoo, Fleur or the pups of French bulldogs
  • Small pets feel comfortable and cosy in this pet carrier.
  • It is made to make dogs weighing less than 4 kg feel comfortable and safe.
  • The interior of this pet carrier is lined with fur to make it work like a comfortable blanket for the small dogs


  • When taken out of package it smells slightly which goes away after sometimes by putting it in open air.
  • It is available in limited size which makes it outdated when the pet grows more than its size.


After reading the benefits and features of Scruffs Wilton Pet Carrier it can be concluded easily that it is an ideal pet carrier for small species of dogs like Cockapoo, Fleur, Chihuahua as well as the small pups of French bulldogs etc.

It allows you to keep your small companion safe and comfortable even while travelling on long distances as it is provided with adjustable shoulder straps to carry him on your shoulder and a foldable water bowl to allow your pet to drink water when required. Its interior is lined with luxurious fur to make your pet feel cosy and safe in any condition. Then why are you waiting? Buy it now for your loving pets.


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