Review: 6-in-1 Airline Approved Pet Carrier Backpack

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If you haven’t treated your pet to the comfort and luxury of this 6-in-1 pet carrier, then here is an opportunity to show your pet that you truly care while meeting the requirements of your airline. A good pet carrier should be built for comfort, easy to carry, and leak-proof.

Key features

To begin with, this is a truly versatile pet carrier, with 6 carrying positions available. These positions will enhance comfort and provide you with the options that you need o travel with your pet to all your destinations. You can carry your dog or cat from the front with front pack carrier, from the back, shoulder, or even with a hand bag carrier. You can chose to have the top open so that your pet can follow where you are going.

Secondly this exceptional pet carrier is made from a strong and a durable material that is able to keep even the most rowdy pets inside. In fact, it has a non-bendable wooden sturdy floor, and as result you can travel with the peace of mind knowing that your pet won’t dig its way out of the bag. Beneath its sturdy floor is an incredibly strong water resistant fabric that has 4 high quality meshes on the side to provide a well-ventilated space for your dog or cat.

Besides, the pet carrier has a zipper security lock as well as seatbelt loops that would provide enhanced safety of your pet during your flights. The security locks ensure that the zipper do not open.

Have you ever lifted your pet in a carrier and feel as if your pet is uncomfortable? Well, this carrier is exceptionally designed with patented flexible frames so as to keep you the bag unfolded when carrying your pet.

It is built with a wide range of pets in mind as it is more spacious than most pet carriers you can find in the market today. And what about fitting under the airline seat? Despite the fact that this pet carrier being spacious, it is built with incredible flexibility. You can effortlessly slide it under any airplane seat and still leave some space where your pet can travel in comfort.

When it comes to ease of use it has gone out of the way to provide you with a great user experience. It comes with a photo ID tag that allows you and your pet to be easily identified as well as reflective straps designed for hiking, night travel, and when offloading from a car.

There is one more amazing thing about this pet carrier. Think of a pet carrier that allows your pet to walk in or out without the hustle of pushing or pulling your pet in and out of the carrier. Who wouldn’t want that? This pet carrier has a walk through doors that can allow your pet to get in and out without much hassle.


  • Has 6 carrying positions
  • It is spaciously built and is high enough to accommodate your pet
  • It sturdy, durable, and comfortable
  • It is well ventilated for your dog
  • Has photo ID, reflective security straps, and inside leash.
  • Has two pockets


This pet carrier is an all-in-one pet carrier accepted by all airlines. Besides, it will give your pet great comfort and security as both of your travel to different destinations for business or pleasure.


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