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Well, let’s face the facts, your adorable cats can be destructive at times! Right? The Wall Mounted Cat Scratching post is what you need to bring all furniture-scratching to a halt, it’s made of sisal and resembles a tree trunk, thus your cats will grip onto it all day.

Amazingly, the Scratching post is 1 metre in length, making it a perfect climbing post for your cats. This will solely help ensure your cats won’t climb on the seats and other furniture as their play-time is kept at heart. The post is eye pleasing when mounted on your living room wall, high quality, durable and vertically aligned with the perfect height as cats mostly like scratching vertically.

With the sleek design in place, the Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post brings some Pros and Cons to the pet’s parents, they are discussed in the content below.


  • The scratching and climbing post is high-quality.
  • Durable and made to last for years.
  • The post allows both scratching and climbing, thus, its designed with your cats in mind.
  • Its eye-pleasing when mounted in your room and acts as a beautiful decor.
  • The 1m post allows combination with another 1m post to make a longer scratching post that is perfect for your wall height.
  • The sisal is ideal for the cat’s front claws and gives them a perfect grip when climbing.


  • The cats might be coaxed to keep scratching and climbing the post during the first few days. However, the will get used, making it their all-time spot.
  • Some self-assembly will be required to mount the post.


The Wall Mounted Cat Scratching post will provide your cats nothing but maximum fun and exercise while protecting your valued furniture from possible damage. Its solid, stable and will save on room space as it’s mounted on the wall or at your cats’ favourite corner.

Now let’s have a look at some of the exclusive features that make the high-quality scratching and climbing post stand out;

  • It’s 1 Metre tall. The Wall Mounted Scratching Post features the perfect length for your cats’ climbing and playing area. It also allows the combination of another 1 Metre long Post to make a 2 Metre post in case you need a taller climbing area.
  • It features an 11cm diameter and a 40cm circumference with an added area for the ropes and brackets. This is essential for your cats’ fun time as the will jovially play and climb up and down.
  • The scratching post consists a 6mm sisal rope. The sisal acts a great grip on the cats’ claws as it matches a tree trunk and requires no staples or glue when attached, thus, it eases on rope movement while reducing damage on the claws.
  • The post has 2 strong UPVC brackets on both ends. The brackets are used to mount it vertically on the wall while giving a stronger grip.
  • It comes with an 8mm hand-spanner, non-toxic glue, 2 mounting caps, and a detailed set of instructions.


The Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post is designed to stand up the cats claws! You’ll not have to deal with furniture damages anymore with this solid and high-quality material. In fact, you’ll enjoy watching the cats play and your room will be full of laughs as you watch them climb up and down the post.


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