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The Trixie Plush Play Tunnel comes from the brand Trixie and it is a toy tunnel designed to help keep cats relaxed and entertained for hours.


  • The tunnel has been designed for small pets. While it has been mainly designed for cats, it can also be ideal for puppies and guinea pigs.
  • It is available with as many as 3 entrances, and comes with nice value for money.
  • It is aesthetic to look at, and consists of a wonderful paw print detail.
  • It is strong in build and can last for a long time with a little care. Kittens love to take rest and sleep in it.

Design and Shape

  • The design is superior in quality, and ensures that the unit can be made to last for a long time. It comes in beige color.
  • It is stitched in rachel film, which enhances mood while playing.
  • There is rustling foil that encourages pets to play.
  • It is 125 cm long and is 25 cm in diameter.
  • The cover is chic, cozy and soft, and can offer enough space to your cat to enjoy a relaxing time.


  • When you buy the tunnel in the longest available size, it is possible to have maximum fun for your pets. It is a nice toy for small pets, and you will love to see your kittens rushing through the tunnel at full speed.
  • You can find your kitten hiding or sleeping in it for the greater part of its day.
  • The tunnel is made of strong material, and not some cheap nylon-like substance. Thus, it can hold up for many months and years without much care.
  • It tends to collapse and fall flat on one side, thus blocking entry. However, small kittens and puppies love to fight their way into it and can get some much needed exercise.


  • The tunnel is narrower than some others that can be found today on the market. Thus, fat cats can find it difficult or even impossible to gain an entry into the inside.


It can be worthwhile to buy this tunnel if you have small pets in your home, and want them to have comfort while you are at your daily tasks. You can give your pet a nice place to relax or rest in, and enjoy the sight.


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