Review: PetFusion 3-Sided Scratching Post

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The Petfusion 3-Sided Vertical Scratching Post is built as a vertical scratcher and a play area for your picky feline friends. Cats are creatures of comfort, and they certainly know what’s best for them. All cat parents are aware that they bore easily, especially if something does not live up their standards. Sometimes it can be tricky to get something that they will be satisfied with, however, there is no need to worry anymore.

The PetFusion Scratching Post is built to cater to the needs of your cats!

Not only is it a scratching post for your furry companion to keep their claws healthy, it also serves as a play and lounge area to ensure they are always busy doing whatever business a cat is supposed to be up to.

This is made for owners who want to ensure that their furniture and other scratchable necessities are kept away from their sharp claws. Once they find that this is way better than your couch, they will never look back.

The product also includes a premium US made catnip to help your cat get trained out of scratching everything in your home that is a no-no. They will certainly get used to this product in no time, especially if it means catnip.

It is stylishly made so that it will look beautiful and natural in your home and you know who else likes something pretty? Yes, of course, your cat. You don’t have to worry as well as the scratcher is eco-friendly, so no toxic materials are there to make your pet sick and another good news is that this product is recyclable. So when the time comes that you would need to retire it, you can be assured that you are helping the environment at the same time.

Major companies such as Hauspanther also recommend this for your furry friends as well as those editors in Cat Fancy Magazine. It’s certainly something that your cat will learn to love and enjoy.

Everyone will be happy and you can be assured that the material made is pet-friendly with no assembly needed whatsoever.

It’s a product worth trying, not only for your cat’s peace of mind and enjoyment but yours as well. So give it a try, no need to sort out through the debris of what is left of your furniture, get something that you and your feline companion will be very enthusiastic about.

Even happiness can come from simple things, and cats certainly know where that’s at and that’s with the PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Scratching Post.

Features and Summary:

  • A nice vertical design that easily attracts cats with no assembly required
  • Made with eco-friendly materials and uses non-toxic cornstarch glue
  • The cardboard is recyclable
  • Curves are made to ensure easier scratching and comfortable lounging or play areas for your cats
  • Cardboard has a dense and durable construction to make it last longer than other scratchers available in the market
  • Won as the #1 Best New Product in Cat Fancy Magazine’s 2014 Editor’s Choice Award
  • You can rotate it 3x for multiple uses
  • Has silicone floor grippers to keep the item in place and also has a premium US catnip to help train your cat
  • Is recognized by Hauspanther, a  major leader in modern cat house products

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