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If you are looking for a scratching post, the Me & My Cat Scratching Post helps replenish your feline’s paws and has all the other features necessary for a happy cat and owner. Carry on reading to discover more about this product so that you can decide if it is right for you.


This product is beige in color and the full scratching post is 69 cm tall. The post diameter is 9 cm. This is fairly large and should be ideal for smaller and bigger cats. Your pet can scratch this item to their heart’s content and can also sit on the high but sturdy platform and watch the world go by. High quality material is used in this scratching post and it’s also really soft and comfortable for your cat to use.


The Me & My Large Cat Scratching Post is lined with siscal, which means your cat can replenish their claws on the post, preventing possible problems that might need attention further down the line. The platform is a very comfortable one to sit on and it’s also very sturdy, so even the largest of cats are not likely to fall off. The base of the item is 40cm x 40cm, while the platform is 37 cm x 37 cm.


  • This scratching post is building itself quite a positive reputation amongst cat owners, with mostly 5 and 4 star reviews and a number of new purchases being made every single day.
  • It is a really sturdy scratching post and even when fairly heavy cats jump on the platform, it does not make the item topple over and does not make them fall off.
  • Comfortable and safe materials are used on all areas of this scratching post, so you can be rest assured that your pet is fine to use it unsupervised. The post itself is great to scratch and will substantially help the claws of your feline.
  • The scratching post is affordable for all budgets. You can also return the product for a full refund if you are not happy with it.
  • The platform offers something extra in addition to the post itself and this is a feature that is going to be used frequently. As you probably know, cats love climbing and this area where they can sit allows them to feel a self of accomplishment!
  • Really easy to assemble and ready for your pet to use in minutes.


After looking at the Me & My Cat Scratching Post, it’s easy to see that this is a product with lots of positives and no disadvantages to speak of. It is quite a basic scratching post, but has everything necessary to help your cat keep their claws in good condition. This product is very reasonably priced too. If you are sick and tired of your pet scratching your furniture, this could well be the answer to your prayers.


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