Review: Kerbl Cat Opal Maxi Scratching Post

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While cats are cuddly and we love being around them, we should not forget that they were once wild animals and that nature is still in them. And this is where the Kerbl cat scratching post comes in. It helps them to express their wild side without having to destroy your furniture. The post serves as a protection to your furniture and carpet. And with it standing at a height of 78cm, tall cats can even join in the fun.

So what makes it a valuable piece of equipment to have? Let us explore some of its features.

1. Glued sisal

The Kerbl cat scratching post is fully covered by sisal. The sisal is glued onto the post so that it doesn’t come off from the scratching. The sisal string material is soft enough so that the paws are not stuck in the sisal but strong and durable so that it doesn’t wear off after being scratched for long. It has been known to last more than a year being scratched and not having to start wearing off.

2. Height

Standing at a height of 78cm, it makes it possible for even big cats to be able to play with it. You might be thinking that with such a height it might topple over. Well this is not the case. The base is actually 38 X 38 cm. This gives it a sturdy weigh thus ensuring you that it can support any cat weight. It actually works for the big cat as the force is exerted downwards keeping it in position.

3. Protects Furniture

The main feature of the post is that all your furniture is protected. This post offers the distraction needed for your cats. The design itself is an allure that makes it hard for them to be attracted to anything else. With its height, it can compete with the walls for the cat’s attention. The toughness of the sisal turns them away from the furniture. And they will not be interrupted by their human owners when they are having fun.

4. Ball Fun

The post also comes with a ball. The ball is tied from the top so that it is in a hanging position. This allows the cat to take a break from the scratching and concentrate on the ball. For which after it can go back to scratching. The string that holds the ball is a bit elastic so it might not hold for long. But that is not a deterrent as the lack of the ball will still make the cat go back to the post.

5. Easy Packaging

The package is shipped in a certified frustration-free packaging. This means that when you get it, you will not face any problems when removing the package. And yes it will need a bit of putting together as the parts are separate. But do not worry as there is a manual book on how to do it. If anything, it’s only the sisal rope covered portions that are separate and only need to be screwed in together.


  • The sisal is a comfortable fabric and comes in a natural construction.
  • The prices are very affordable.
  • The tall height means all cats can use it.
  • It features a ball for the cat to play with.
  • It does not wobble when the cat is playing with it.


  • The string is a bit thin so it might not last that long depending on the cat.
  • The middle part at times sticks out so it makes the cat only play with the top and bottom parts only.
  • The screws can at times not hold on tightly and need to be replaced from time to time.


As you can see, the Kerbl Cat Scratching Post is a must-have for all those cat lovers who want to give their cats the distraction they need from the walls and the furniture.


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