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Are you wondering what could be the perfect gift toy for your cats? Relax! The Gear Kitty Cat Play House is a zipped outdoor containment to give your cats all-day fun with a gasp of fresh air.

This happy-area is suitable for a deck, large patio, or even your backyard ensuring you monitor your cats as they play while reducing the risks involved. The Gear Kitty would also make a perfect play area for cats whose pet parents have extra rooms, basement or garage. With the Play House, your cats will be running in and out all day as it’s a perfect sunbath for them and a great play area. Now let’s jump into some of the Pros and Cons the Gear Kitty Cat Play House brings about:


  • The Play House is easy to set up and disassemble. It brings all the ease as you just have to open and pull the supporting cords while shaking it.This might take you a minute or two and you won’t need an extra person.
  • A detailed set of instructions is attached to the Gear Kitty’ label. This makes it accessible to all users as you’ll be able to easily follow the instructions before set-up.
  • The tunnel is easy to set up and collapse. However, it’s advisable that you keenly note how it was tied before opening-up as it will have to be tied the same way when storing it.
  • The tunnel has zipped doors on both sides. This helps keep ensure the containment is safe for your cats even when you are not closely watching.
  • The Cat Play House comes in two lightweight packages with carrier bags for each making it easy to carry and store.


  • The cats might have to be persuaded in and out before they get used to it. However, this will take a few minutes after which the cats will be running in and out of the Play House, they’ll love it!


The Gear Kitty Cat Play House is beautifully designed to give maximum fun time and quality sun-bath hours for your cats. To take on this role, it brings in some sleek features to make the outdoor fun more exciting, they include;

  • The Gear Kitty tunnel has zipped doors to ensure maximum safety for your cats.
  • Easy pop-up and collapse, thus special tools needed.
  • A detailed set of instructions is provided.
  • Plastic stakes are provided for tightening it on the ground.
  • Has strong supports.
  • Both packages are lightweight and the carrier bags have handles for ease of storage.


The Gear Kitty Cat Play House is the perfect outdoor entertainment for your cats that takes your pet’s safety into consideration while giving them a luxurious play-time. Trust me, your lovely cats will run in and out of the Play House all day!


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