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This Cat Scratching Barrel is from the brand Diogenes. It is a toy barrel that is designed for cats to play in and use as a scratching post.


  • The barrel has been designed to offer a safe and relaxing thing for cats to scratch.
  • It is covered with Sisal and comes with a fantastic observation deck and as many as 3 dens. Two dens are joined with each other, while the 3rd den is the best spot for sleeping or hiding.
  • There is a very large area for cats to scratch.
  • It offers a perfect spot where cats can play, climb and hide.
  • In the dens, there is an elastic pocket where toys can be placed.

Design and Shape

  • The barrel measures 75 cm in height, and has an overall diameter of 36 cm. It comes in a beige color.
  • On the inside, the barrel has a height of 20 cm and a diameter of 34 cm.
  • The bed with plush covering at the top level has a height of 4 cm and diameter of 36 cm.
  • The sleeping area is around 28 cm in diameter.
  • The entry holes have 17 cm diameter.


This is a well-made item for kittens, and pets love to bite and pull at it. You will find your kittens spend hours running up the tower, and having some decent exercise.

The carpeted exterior is safe for kittens to scratch, and it comes in a great finish.

The barrel can be turned in order to have the bottom hole look up towards the furniture. Kittens can move into the bottom section through the hole in the middle, which is perfect when they want to hide from guests or the Hoover.

The top surface has a plush covering, which makes cats feel comfortable when they sleep on it.


  • It has a slightly higher price.
  • The holes are small as well.

Final Word

Despite being slightly higher priced than similar products, this is a solid product to buy if you wish to give something to your pet kitten to stay engaged with for some time. Other than playing, it can also work for him as a soft spot for relaxation. Within a few days, you can find the barrel working as a comfort zone for your pet – just the way you will love to have it.


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