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The Cardboard Cat House & Tunnel is a great gift for any cat – as we all know – cats love playing in cardboard boxes! This House & Tunnel comes with 2 houses and 1 connecting tunnel and is suitable for cats of all ages.

Product Description

  • This is a toy tunnel and house designed and manufactured for cats.
  • The tunnel is constructed out of double walled cardboard of 100% recyclable variety. The cardboard has been derived from a good source.
  • It is extremely sturdy and strong in design.
  • It has 16kg cubes, and consists of 8 small play holes and 2 large portals for cats. There are dual portals in each pod.
  • It has a very stylish appearance, due to the wooden pattern print.

Shape and Size

  • It comprises of a cardboard tunnel and two cardboard cubes.
  • The cubes measure 35 X 35 X 35 cm (length X height X width).
  • The tunnel and the portal have a diameter of 20 cm.
  • The cardboard cat pods have a nice appearance, and are stronger than packaging boxes.


  • Cat simply love exploring the different areas and darting in and out of the tunnel.
  • The unit has a smart and aesthetic design, which keeps pets engaged and interested for many days. They do not quickly tire of it, unlike conventional cloth or plastic tunnels that can easily be found in the market today.
  • Other than entertaining your pets, it can give them enough exercise for a long time. Even if you are unable to take your kittens out due to rain or unpleasant weather, you can be assured that they will get good workout for the day.
  • When your pet is not using it, you can easily disassemble the unit into various sections. It can be assembled very easily, which makes it a great option for pet owners.
  • It can fit well together and does not bend due to its sturdy cardboard construction. Your pet can sit on top of the cubes and you never have to worry about it falling inside.


  • It is slightly expensive for the budget of some pet owners.


Despite the slightly higher cost, this toy tunnel deserves to be picked up because it ticks many of the boxes right. You can have your pet cats entertained and comfortable for many hours. There are no worries of any safety issues, as the product is strong in build and can be secure for your beloved pet cat.


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